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How to configure the client computer browsers to use Protex

All client computers must have their browsers configured to use Protex.

1) Proxy settings

All browsers must be configured to use a proxy server

  • Proxy Address:
  • Proxy Port: 8080

(You will need to replace with the Active Directory Domain name of the server.)

2) Bypass local addresses

You need to ensure that that you enable the option to: Bypass proxy server for local addresses

3) Pop-up Blocker

You need to ensure that you allow pop ups from the IP address of the ZPROTEX server. This is because a popup window is opened when browsing, which logs you into Protex. This popup window must remain open while browsing the Internet

4) Protex certificate

An SSL certificate needs to be installed on all client computers. Further details here

5) Allow Javascript and Cookies

The browser must be set to allow cookies and javascript

We recommend using group Policy to push out the Proxy settings to the client computers.

Please see this Microsoft technet article for further instructions on configuring browser proxy settings via Group Policy:



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