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Enabling Windows Updates on a Windows Server 2012 Custom VM

Zynstra does not install Windows updates onto the Custom VMs (ZAPPs). It is the partners responsibility to ensure that the Application Servers are kept upto date with Windows updates/patches.

(Zynstra DOES install Windows Updates onto the Zynstra managed Virtual Machines - ZDC, ZFILEMGR3, ZRDP, ZMAIL etc)

We recommend you enable Automatic Windows Updates onto your Application Servers. To get started, Open Server Manager and click Not Configured next to Windows Update.


When the screen shown in Figure 2 appears, click the Turn On Automatic Updates button. Windows will immediately begin looking for any updates that have yet to be applied to your system. The result is shown in Figure 3 where you can see that Windows Update is now enabled and there are updates pending installation.

Figure 2

Windows Update is not currently enabled

Figure 3

Windows Update is enabled as there are updates waiting.

You can control the time at which updates are applied. Bear in mind that some updates require a system restart. To change Windows Update settings, click the Change Settings option at the left side of the screen. This will bring up the Change Settings window, shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

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