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VPN - How to create a VPN profile for an end user

Step 1: Login to the Gateway Control Console.  The URL for this is  (replace with the actual domain)

Step 2: Scroll down the list of Applications until you come to the OpenVPN Application. Click on Settings


Step 3: Select the Server tab, and you will then see a list of all the VPN user accounts/clients which have already been created. 

Step 4: Click on Add to create a new VPN user.


Step 5: Enter in a username in the Client Name box, and ensure the Enabled box is ticked, and the address pool is the default. The click Done.


Step 6: Click Apply in the bottom right of the screen - note that this will momentarily drop all client OpenVPN connections.

Step 7: You now need to download the VPN config files. To do this, click on the Download Client button.


Step 8: You can now click the relevant link to download the configuration file for all OS's.


Step 9: Download the latest Open VPN client from here:

Step 10: All you need to do now is to give the end user, the Open VPN installer and the configuration files.

Step 11: Once the client has been installed, you need to extract the file (generated by the Gateway Control Console) to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

You should now read these two articles:


Apple Macs

For Apple Macs, we suggest

Step 1: Download and install an OpenVPN client for Mac OS X.

Step 2: Login to the Untangle Server, create the VPN user as above, download the client config file zip and extract the files from the zip file.

Step 3: Place it in the ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations folder on the Mac.

Step 4: Run Tunnelblick by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder.


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