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Configuring Protex for an iPad and iPhone

In order to use access the Internet via Protex on an iPad you first need to enter the proxy details on the iPad.

The iPad allows you to set specific network settings per WiFi SSID.  This allows you to specify Proxy settings on each unit per SSID.  This is convenient if you move the iPad between locations, since each location probably has a unique SSID.


  1. To start, launch the Settings app.  You'll then get the "control panel" for the device

  2. Next, select "WiFi" to change settings for the WiFi connection

  3. Modify the network settings for the SSID at the location.  You do that by pressing on the blue icon on the right.  

  4. You'll then get the settings for that network. In the HTTP Proxy section, select "Manual" where you can enter in the proxy details.

    The details you need to enter are:
  • Server: this is the IP address of your Protex server. If you don't know this, contact us and we will advise you what it is.
  • Port: 8080
  • Authentication: Ensure this is turned on
  • Username: The users active directory username
  • Password: The users active directory user account password.

Once you have configured the proxy settings, you then need to install the Protex SSL certificate.

Use Safari Browser to navigate to and click the .crt link on top of this page. The device should prompt the user to install the certificate. 

iOS cert install

Click "Install" at each point until you come to the screen confirming that the certificate is trusted:

iOS certificate


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