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Windows Server Core operating system

The Windows Domain Controllers and File Servers use the Windows 2012 R2 Server Core operating system.

This is done to improve the performance and security of these Virtual machines. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Smaller attack surface for malware
  • This leads directly to less Windows Updates, and therefore faster and more efficient keep current
  • Smaller image backups use less WAN bandwidth for transmission to cloud storage, and faster restore times
  • Reduced use of resources on the appliance itself
  • Microsoft best practice is to not run the management tools directly on a domain controller


You perform all of your management and administration tasks from the Windows Management Virtual Machine which exists on each server and is named ZMANAGE. (This Virtual machine has an IP address with the last octet being .160.)

Use Remote Desktop Services (RDP) to connect to the ZMANAGE Virtual Machine, and you can then run all the standard Microsoft tools from the Administrative Tools folder. (eg Active Directory Users & Computers)

You can use a local domain admin account, or your partner account to log in to the ZMANAGE virtual machine. If using your partner account, you must use the ZCP domain prefix with your username to logon. Eg ZCP\username.dfg.







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