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How do i install a Zynstra Cloud Managed Server behind a firewall?

If your Zynstra server is going to sit behind a firewall, you will need to configure your firewall to let the necessary traffic through.

You need to open up the following ports to allow the required traffic to pass through your firewall:

From the Internet to the Zynstra server WAN IP address:

UDP 1194

From the Zynstra server WAN IP address to the Internet:

All ports open

From the Internet to the Zynstra server iLO IP address:

TCP 20022
TCP 20080
TCP 20443
TCP 20988
TCP 20990

And ONLY if you have dual node cluster, you will also have to open up these ports to the second (iLO IP address):

TCP 30022
TCP 30080
TCP 30443
TCP 30988
TCP 30990


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