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3. Determine Approach To Deploying Active Directory

A key software component in each server is Microsoft Active Directory which is available through a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller running in a Virtual Machine.

You'll need to decide whether you want to create a new Active Directory domain for the new server or whether you will join an existing Active Directory domain and enter this in the Pre-Deployment form

If you choose to create a new Active Directory domain, you need to specify the Active Directory Domain name and the NetBIOS name that you wish to use at the site. Your ne

If you choose to join an existing Active Directory domain, you need to prepare the existing domain in advance and manually promote your new domain controller to the domain as part of the installation process. To view instructions on how to do this please read the article Preparing An Existing AD Domain (If There Is One) For The Installation


Now please read the article on how to Complete Pre-Deployment Form

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