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QUICK START GUIDE - preparing for an installation

Once we have received your order, we will contact you and ask you to complete a Pre-Deployment form. The purpose of the Pre-Deployment  form is to identify, describe and then allow the recording of the technical data that needs to be obtained in order to prepare a Zynstra server for its deployment on the customer’s premises.  Its target audience is the person tasked with supplying this data to Zynstra.  This person is usually either a Technical Consultant within one of Zynstra’s Service Delivery Partners, or it may be the IT Manager or Administrator within the customer’s own organisation.

Before you can complete the Pre-Deployment form you need to understand how a Zynstra server integrates into the existing network and domain. The following articles explain this and we strongly recommend you read all of them:

1. Check Environment Suitability For The Server

2a. Decide How To Integrate a Zynstra single node server into your Existing Network

2b. Decide How To Integrate a Zynstra HA cluster into your existing network

3. Determine Approach To Deploying Active Directory


Once you have read the above articles, you can then complete the Pre-Deployment form and send it back to us. Further instructions are in the article Complete Pre-Deployment Data Form


If you have an existing Active Directory domain, you need to prepare it before you start the installation of your server. You can view instructions on how to this in the article Preparing an existing AD domain (if there is one) for the installation




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