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1. Check Environment Suitability For The Server

Internet Connection Requirements

The server requires a business grade Internet connection based on one of the following technologies: ADSL, ADSL+, 4G/LTE, VDSL, SDSL, DOCSIS or EuroDOCSIS cable broadband, Ethernet access or Fibre connection.

Power and General Location Requirements

The server is designed to run 24 x 7 so it's essential that it is connected to a reliable power supply and is (ideally) protected by a UPS.

The server should be placed in a location in which it cannot easily be disconnected from its power source. Cycling the power or shutting it down regularly puts it under thermal stress and this can reduce its life. Repeated cycling of the power or shutting down is therefore strongly discouraged.

The server can be located in an office or purpose-made equipment room which must be clean and tidy and free of excessive dust and vibration and have an ambient temperature at all times of between 12C and 26C.


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