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Manage File Shares Using The User Control Console

File shares are created and managed in the User Control Console.

The User Control Console can be accessed by the Service Provider and, if the Service Provider wishes, one or more 'super-users'.  The Service Provider uses their partner account and super-users use a local domain account. You can access it over the local network or when connected to the partner VPN.

You can find out the URL for the User Control Console from the Welcome email we sent you after the installation was complete.

(The URL will be in the format You will need to replace with the Active Directory Domain name of the server.)

You will be taken to a page with two buttons:


Select Login as Local Administrator if you want to logon using a local domain account. This account needs to be a member of the Active Directory group called Zynstra HAP Business Owner.

Select Login as MSP Operator if you want to logon using your partner account.

When prompted for a username and password, enter in the username and password.

How To Create A File Share

You can create a new File Share from the User Control Console by creating a new Department

1) Click on the Departments tab at the top of the page

2) Click on the '+ New Department' button

3) Enter in the Department Name and click on the Confirm button

You now can grant users access to the file share by making them a member of the Department.

5) Click on the Edit button

6) Click on the check boxes next to the names of users who you want to add to the group and click on the Confirm button

All users who are a member of the Department have read and write access to the File share.

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