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4. Active Directory Configuration

You need to decide whether to create a new Active Directory domain for the server or whether the server will join an existing Active Directory domain. You also need to enter the Active Directory domain name and NetBIOS names.

Step 1: Select Active Directory
From within the Commissioning Console, click on the Active Directory tab.

Step 2: Choose the Active Directory Deployment Option
Choose from the drop-down menu whether you want to Create a new domain or Join an existing domain.

Step 3: Enter in the Active Directory Domain Name

Enter in the Active Directory Domain Name. We recommend that the Active Directory Domain Name is a currently unused sub-domain of the current external domain name; for example, or Your Active Directory name should NOT be resolvable in public DNS.

Step 4: Enter in the NetBIOS Name
Enter in the NetBIOS name. The NetBIOS name is a unique identifier which can be up to 15 characters long. It is a single label name; for example, MYCOMPANY. The NetBIOS name must be entered in capital letters.

Step 5: Enable Cloud Administrator SSO

We strongly recommend you keep this option as Yes which allows IT administrators who have an account in the Cloud Management Platform to use the same single set of credentials to connect to this server.

Step 6: Save
When complete, click Save.

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