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About The Network Interface And IP Address Requirements

Network Interface Requirements

  • All of the network interfaces on each server (WAN, LAN, iLO) are 1Gbit Ethernet interfaces that are configured to auto-negotiate both the speed and duplex setting.
  • The network devices that the interfaces are being connected to must similarly have their port speeds configured to auto-negotiate both the speed and duplex setting.
  • It is important to ensure there are sufficient spare physical network ports to connect the server to the WAN and LAN networks – additional network switches may be required.
  • The WAN and LAN IP addresses MUST be on a different subnets.

IP Address Requirements

The following IP addresses are required to connect the server to the WAN and LAN:

  • one IP for the WAN connection
  • one IP for the LAN connection
  • one IP for the iLO connection of each server. If you have a HA cluster, there are two servers so you need an IP address for each iLO. (therefore a total of 2 IP addresses required)

The IP address for the LAN connection should always be a private, static IPv4 address. The IP addresses for the WAN and iLO connections must be IPv4 addresses but these could be public or private depending on the chosen deployment scenario.

  • All public IP addresses used by the server must be routing IPv4 addresses with a router default gateway in the same public subnet.
  • They should NOT be bridged, dynamic or PPPoE/PPPoA and should have no NAT, QoS, inbound or outbound firewall rules or other traffic management.

Note – there are additional options for the iLO IP, including having it left unpatched unless required, in which case it can share the WAN IP – refer to this article for more information

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