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Static Routes

If you will be installing your server into an existing network, and keeping the existing default gateway device (normally a router or firewall) in place, then you need to add a static route so all client devices can access the virtual machines running on your new server.

On your server there are virtual machines running which have an IP address from within a IP subnet - which is unique to each server. You can find out what this IP subnet is in the Commissioning Console, on the Site Information tab.

The static route needs to be added to the device which is being used as the default gateway for all the existing client devices (normally a router or firewall); so that network traffic gets correctly routed to the virtual machines.

How you add a static route will depend on the device, but below we will explain what information you need for your static route.


A static route needs three bits of information:

1) Destination Network ID or IP address - The Network ID of your virtual machine subnet, which you can view in the Commissioning Console. e.g

2) Destination Network Subnet Mask - The Subnet mask of your virtual machine subnet, which you can view in the Commissioning Console. e.g.

3) Gateway IP address - This is the LAN port IP address of your server, which you specified in the Commissioning Console e.g.


The Commissioning Console shows you all the information you need, and the below screenshot shows where the information is on the Site Information tab in the Commissioning Console. The information you need for the static route is the Network Id and Subnet Mask.


You get the Gateway IP address, which is the LAN IP address of your server, from the Commissioning Console, on the Local Area Network tab. The below screenshot shows this:


How you add the static route depends on what device you are using. Below are some links to support articles for the common makes of routers and firewalls.








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