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6. Custom Virtual Machine Configuration

Custom virtual machines are Windows or Linux virtual machines running on your server. These are typically used for installing and running applications.

You need to specify what Custom virtual machines you want on your server, and the specification of each virtual machine. 

In order to help you allocate your memory, CPU and disk space resources on your server you can use our Sizing tool to help you.

Step 1: Select new Custom Virtual Machine

From within Commissioning Console, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the + next to New Custom Virtual Machine


Step 2: Enter in the Custom Virtual Machine specification

  1. Enter in a descriptive name in the field called Custom VM user Label
  2. Choose either a Windows or Linux operating system from the pull down menu called Operating System
  3. Specify how many Virtual CPU cores you want the VM to have in the field labelled Virtual CPU Cores
  4. Specify how much RAM (in GB) you want the virtual machine to have in the field labelled RAM (GB)
  5. Specify how much Disk Space you want to be assigned to the data drive on the Virtual Machine, in the field labelled Disk Space (GB).

The Disk space is assigned to the data volume on the virtual machine. On Linux this is the volume mounted on /data, and on Windows its the D: drive.


Step 3: Create the virtual machine

When complete, click the Create button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Repeat process for other Custom virtual machines

If you want to create additional Custom virtual machines, repeat the process for each virtual machine.

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