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QUICK START GUIDE - Perform an installation

Step 1: Perform the physical installation and update the software

Unbox your server and place it in its intended location. Connect it to its power source, update the software using the USB stick, then plug in the networking cables that will enable it to communicate to the local network and to the Internet.  If you have purchased an expansion pack, you should connect this too now before starting the installation.

Your Actions:    

  • Install the server and connect it to a power source.
  • Update the software with the provided USB stick (flash drive)
  • Plug in the networking cables as specified in the detailed instructions.

You can obtain further details by clicking on the relevant link below:


How to install a single server How to install a dual node HA cluster

 Step 2: Access the Installation Console

Connect a computer to the server's LAN port and use a web browser to access the Installation Console. You'll need to configure the LAN interface of your computer to have an IP of You then power on the server and wait for it to complete its initial boot sequence before opening a web browser and going to to access the Installation Console.

Your Actions:    

  • Connect your computer to the server's LAN port.
  • Configure your computer's LAN interface with an IP address of
  • Power on the server and access the Installation Console at

You can obtain more detailed information in this article on the Support Portal.

Step 3: Configure the server using the Installation Console

Using the Installation Console, select your server's time zone and locale and then record the IP address through which the server will connect to the Internet.  Once connected to the Internet, enter the server activation code which was presented in the Commissioning Console.  You can now start the automated installation process during which updates are downloaded to your server from the Cloud Management Platform.  When instructed, you can close the browser window and disconnect your computer while the automated process completes. Finally, you should connect the LAN port on the server to your LAN switch.

Your Actions:    

  • Use the Installation Console to configure the server's initial settings.
  • Enter the activation code (which you get from the Commissioning Console) to authorise its installation.
  • Start the automated installation process.
  • Disconnect your computer and close the browser window.
  • Connect the LAN port to your LAN switch.

You can obtain more detailed information in this article on the Support Portal.

Step 4: Monitor the progress of the installation

Your server will now be completing the automated installation and update process and you can monitor this using the Commissioning Console.

Your Action:    

  • Use the Commissioning Console to monitor progress of the installation.
  • If you have chosen to join the server to an existing Active Directory domain, you need to join and promote the new domain controller into your domain

You can obtain more detailed information on Monitoring the installation progress in this article.

You can obtain more detailed information on joining an existing domain in this article


After the Installation is complete, you can now start to work with your server. Please read the article QUICK START GUIDE - Work with your server.

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