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4. Monitor The Progress Of An Installation

Having successfully completed the physical installation and all the required actions in the Installation Console, your server will now be completing its automated installation and commissioning processes. This involves downloading the latest software and firmware updates and configuring the server using the data you entered previously in the Commissioning Console.

The Commissioning Console will show you progress updates on the automated process and inform you when any manual actions need to be performed.

Step 1: Access the Commissioning Console and check the status of the Installation.

The overall status of the installation is shown in the Site tab. The below screenshot shows an example status just after the Installation Console steps have been completed.

Please note that it takes approx 3.5 hours to complete the automated Installation and Commissioning.

The different statuses are:

  • Awaiting activation/installation. The Installation hasn't been started yet.
  • Installed and awaiting commissioning. Installation is complete but some services have not yet been commissioned yet. You should ensure you have entered all the required data and check the status of the other Services such as Active Directory and HPE iLO.
  • Installation in progress. The installation is still in progress so please wait for a status change.
  • Installation failed. If you see this message, please contact the Support Team.
  • Commissioning failed. If you see this message, please contact the Support Team.
  • Commissioning in progress. The commissioning is still in progress so please wait for a status change.
  • Some services commissioned. Some of the services have been commissioned, but not all.
  • All Services Commissioned. Installation and commissioning has been completed successfully.

You will know when the Installation process has finished as the Site Status will change to All Services Commissioned, and all other statuses will be Completed. Below is an example screenshot showing when the process has completed.



Step 2: Check the Active Directory Status for joining an existing domain

If you have chosen to create a new Active Directory domain, skip this step and go to step 3.

If (and only if) you have chosen to join an existing Active Directory domain, you need to wait until the new domain controller is ready for you to join it to your existing domain. You need to wait for the Active Directory Status to be In-progress, and you can see the message: Waiting for manual domain controller promotion (DCPromo) on the Active Directory page as per the below screenshot.

When you see this status, you need to manually add the domain controller to your existing domain. Please view the article Join An Existing Active Directory Domain for instructions.

Step 3: Check the remaining services commissioning status

Check all other tabs status in the Commissioning Console status to check they are complete. The different statuses are:

  • Awaiting data entry. You need to enter the required data.
  • Awaiting activation/installation. The installation hasn't started yet.
  • In progress. The installation and commissioning is in progress.
  • Failed. If you see this message, please contact the Support Team.
  • Completed. The service has been successfully installed and commissioned. 


When the Site Information tab shows a status of All Services Commissioned, you are ready to start using server. 


Now you are ready to start using your server, please read the article QUICK START GUIDE - Work with your server

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