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Re-Imaging An Existing Server Using A USB Stick

If you have a Zynstra server which has been used before, but want to re-install it - you can do so using a USB stick. (This is usually done for demo purposes, and not for live/production servers installations).

Brand new servers are set to boot from USB first (so this article is NOT applicable to brand new servers), whereas a server which has been installed with the Zynstra software before will not boot from USB first. This process describes how to change the boot order, so a server which has been used before can boot of a USB stick and be re-imaged.

Please note that this process will delete all data and configuration from the server.

Step 1. Download the ISO file and create your bootable USB stick

You need to go to the Commissioning Console and download the ISO file and create a bootable USB stick. Detailed instructions are here: How To Create A Bootable USB Stick To Update Your Zynstra Server

Plug the USB stick into the USB 3 port on the front of the server. This is the port on the left, labelled SS

Step 2. Connect a keyboard and mouse

Connect a monitor to the VGA port of the server, and a USB keyboard into any USB port.

Step 3. Power on the server

Press the power button the front of the server to turn the server on.

Step 4. Select the boot menu

When the option appears at the bottom of the screen, press F11 to access the Boot Menu.

Step 5. Select generic USB Boot

The one-time boot menu should automatically appear.  Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Generic USB Boot and press Enter.

Step 6. Wait while the server is re-imaged

The server will now boot from the USB stick, and the automated USB imaging process will now start. It takes approx. 40 minutes to complete.

(During the USB imaging process the hard disk activity light on the server will be flashing as the disks are being written to.)

Step 6: Wait for server to power off

When the server has powered off the USB imaging process is complete. The power button LED will be red.

You can now remove the USB stick from the server and start the installation.


Please now read the article QUICK START GUIDE - how to perform an installation

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