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Manage Networking And Security Using The Gateway Control Console

The Gateway Control Console is a web based console where you can manage every aspect of network control; from content filtering to spam filtering, remote access to DHCP reservations, all in one simple web based interface.

You can find out the URL for the Gateway Control Console from the Commissioning Console.

The URL will be in the format of You will need to replace with the Active Directory Domain name of the server.

When prompted for a username and password, please use your Management account.

The Gateway Control Console administration can be divided into two main parts, the Navigation Pane on the left and virtual Racks on the right.

The Navigation Pane contains two tabs - Apps and Config, detailed below. The Apps tab on the left-hand side is used to learn more about applications and install applications into the "virtual rack." The Configtab contains several sections to configure the Untangle server's settings.

Generally, settings for individual rack apps are OK to modify, but care should be taken when changing the core settings under Config, since many of those are managed centrally and incorrect settings can affect normal operation. If changes are needed to any of these settings, please contact the Support Team first.

Applications are installed into one or more virtual Racks on the right hand side, and filter the traffic passing through the Untangle server. Each application has a faceplate with a Settings button to configure it, current status information and a power button to toggle it on or off.

Across the top there is a dropdown menu to switch to different Racks or use the Session Viewer and Host Viewer, as well as readouts for network speed statistics, a count of open sessions, CPU, memory, and disk information.

If you see an alert icon near the top of the web page, hover over it for more information.  These are Administrative Alerts designed to help you keep your server healthy.

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