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Manage Users Using The User Control Console

Users can be created and managed in the User Control Console.

The User Control Console can be accessed by Service Providers and, if the Service Provider wishes, one or more 'super-users'.  The Service Provider uses their Service Provider account to access the tool and the super-user uses a local domain account. You can access the console over the local area network or when connected to the Management VPN.

You can find out the URL for the User Control Console from the Commissioning Console.

(The URL will be in the format You will need to replace with the Active Directory Domain name of the server.)


You will be taken to a page with two buttons:


Select Login as Local Administrator if you want to logon using a local domain account. This account needs to be a member of the Active Directory group called Zynstra HAP Business Owner.

Select Login as MSP Operator if you want to logon using your Management account.

When prompted for a username and password, enter in the username and password.

To create a new user

2) Click on the Employees Tab at the top of the page

3) Click on the button '+ New Employee'

4) Enter in the Name of the user you wish to create

5) Choose whether you want the user account to be Enabled or Disabled by clicking on the Off/Onbutton under Account Enabled

6) Click on the Confirm button.

The following is created with the user account:

  • User account in Active Directory
  • Shared Drive on the fileserver, as well as all associated Active Directory Objects and Security groups.

The user account will have a username in the format of InitialSurname. E.g if a user is called John Smith, his username will be jsmith

The password for the account will be displayed and we recommend that the password is changed as soon as possible. 

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