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Monitor Servers Using The Monitoring Console

The Monitoring Console enables our Support Team and Service Providers to monitor and manage the server. It is a web based console through which you can view detailed monitoring information about all the servers of interest to you.

Our Support Team monitors and manages the server as part of the service while ensuring that Service Providers have visibility of the server state and are enabled to control as much of the server's settings as they need to.

To access the Monitoring Console, you first need to connect via VPN to the Cloud Management Platform. Full details of how to connect via VPN are here.

Once connected, go to the console at

Log in using your Management account. (If you don't know your user account username or password, please raise a support request (top right of this page))

Once logged in to the Monitoring Console, Services and then Customer Dashboard on the left side of the page.  You will now see a page which shows all of your servers, and the status of each service running on those servers.

You can click on the Service Name (eg Anti Virus) to get more details of the checks that are performed on each server.

Key to the Column headings

O: OK 

W: Warning

C: Critical

U: Undefined

P: Pending

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