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How To Set Up A Print Server

If you would like to setup a Windows print server, you can use one of your Windows Custom virtual machines as a print server. The Print server role is not installed by default, so you will need to install it.

Installing the print server role in Windows

Logon to your Custom virtual machine via Remote Desktop. 

You can use a local domain admin account, or your Management account to log in to the Windows virtual machines by rmeote desktop. If using your Management account, you must use the ZCP domain prefix with your username to log in. E.g. ZCP\username.dfg

Once you are logged on to the virtual machine you can install the print server role:

Step 1: Open Server Manager, by clicking on the Start button and selecting Server Manager

Step 2: Click on Dashboard, and then select Add roles and features

Step 3: On the Before You Begin page click Next and then select Role based or feature base installation then click Next.

Step 4: On the Server Selection page, select the name of the server you are logged into and then click Next.

Step 5: Select and tick the check box of Print and Document Services on the Server Roles page.


Step 6: Now the component and features want to be installed. Just click Add Features and then click Next.

Step 7: Leave the Features page by default and click Next. You don’t need to install any features for print and document services, so do nothing in this page.

Step 8: On the Print and Document Services page read the text and click Next

Step 9: Select the Print Server and Internet Printing options from Role Services. 


Step 10: On the confirmation page, click on the Install button and the print server role will now be installed. After a few minutes the role will be installed, and you will see the confirmation page. Click Close

Step 12: When the Print Server role has been installed, you can access the Print Management console from the tools tab on Server Manager.


Further details on how to install and setup the Print server are in this Microsoft article: 

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